Meet Our Staff

With decades of combined experience, our dedicated staff members offer the highest quality of service to each and every patient. Please take a moment to learn more about the friendly faces that make up Arrowhead Plastic Surgeons.

Karen Wilson


After 20 amazing years at Arrowhead Plastic Surgeons, Karen is delighted to pave the way for patients to realize their dreams. She is inspired to watch them as they travel their own personal path from “before to after.” In awe of the incredible surgeons and tremendous staff, Karen considers it a privilege to watch Dr. Baibak, Dr. Kesler and Dr. Dalagiannis impact these patients in such a remarkable way.

Sarah Marlow

Assistant Administrator

Greatly appreciated, our administrative assistant Sarah is central to the efficient operation of our practice. Doctors, patients and employees applaud her ability to streamline, expedite and support! Thank you, Sarah, for everything that you do!

Lisa Lincoln

Avanti Manager & Advanced Esthetician

Lisa, Avanti Manager and Advanced Esthetician is excited to have found a home with Avanti Med Spa & Arrowhead Plastic Surgeons!  She takes enormous pride in evaluating each client’s skincare needs and formulating individualized treatment protocols for the best results.

Lisa graduated from the University of Toledo in 1992 with a BS in Sales and Marketing.  She received her Esthetics Management degree from The Salon Professional Academy.   Working alongside medical practitioners, she has practiced in the field of esthetics since 2012.

As an esthetician at Avanti Med Spa she has the opportunity to help patients with all of their skin care needs, be it product education or aesthetic treatments.  Lisa’s warmth, compassion, in-depth knowledge and compassion make her the go-to girl for beautiful skin!

Leah Farmer

Medical Receptionist

Leah, known for her cheery smile and helpful heart, is a lovely addition to our front office team. She is both considerate and matter of fact as she handles the many details of patient appointments. If she doesn’t know the answer, she will find the answer! Stop and say hello to Leah at your next appointment.

Jordan Dorsett

Medical Receptionist

Pleasant and proficient, Jordan cheerfully performs the many tasks required of a front office medical receptionist. Whether on the phone or in person Jordan is caring and considerate with everyone. Experience Jordan’s kindness first hand on your next visit to our office.

Erin Hennessey

Nurse Practitioner

Erin joined the practice of Arrowhead Plastic Surgeons as a Nurse Practitioner in April of 2015. Her special interests include skin lesions, skin care management and education. Erin attended Case Western Reserve University graduating with the distinction of Summa Cum Laude earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. After working for twelve years in Pediatric Intensive Care caring for trauma and burn patients, she furthered her education at Case Western Reserve University, completing her MSN with focus in family nurse practitioner certification. She completed her clinical rotations at the Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals in Cleveland. She then went on to complete her Doctorate in Nursing Practice and doctoral nursing fellowship in Dermatology. Erin is a Certified Nurse Practitioner by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, an active member of the Ohio Association of Advance Practice Nurses and the Dermatology Nurses Association. She and her husband Brad have two children, Emma and Colin.

Knickcole Hartman

Medical Biller

Knickcole is responsible for all billing issues and is the valuable interface with the insurance companies for our patients, assisting them in obtaining maximum coverage for their care. With over 16 years of experience in various insurance, billing and customer service settings, you are sure to feel valued and comfortable in Knickcole’s care. She will give you personal attention and answer any financial questions with regard to surgery and financing options that may be available. The unseen motto over her desk: Service of the highest quality offered here. I strive to make a difference!

Monique Navarre

Dr. Kesler’s Nurse

Monique, RN, graces Dr. Kesler’s patients with years of knowledge and experience refined in the operating room.  Kind, thorough, and armed with answers to your questions, it is her pleasure to assist you in any way she can.   Dr. Kesler will always tell you how privileged he is to have her front and center on his medical team.

Kandis Rich

Dr. Baibak’s Nurse

Kandis, LPN, with her warm smile and caring heart is the eyes and ears of Dr. Baibak’s cosmetic surgery practice. She answers the questions and concerns of every patient. Closely at his side, Kandis beautifully reinforces Dr. Baibak’s conviction: Once a patient, you are family.

Barb Delventhal

Dr. Baibak’s Scheduler

Barb is the delightful surgical coordinator for Dr. Laurence Baibak. Always willing to help, she ensures a smooth transition between the patient’s first consultation and that greatly anticipated cosmetic surgery day. Barb exemplifies a beautiful spirit… punctuated with an engaging personality.

Julie Williams

Dr. Dalagiannis’ Nurse

Julie, RN, has more than 35 years of nursing knowledge, skill and understanding. She is known for her methodical grace, soft-spoken confidence and compassion. Extremely kind, Julie finds enormous satisfaction as she calmly guides the patients through the many details leading to a successful cosmetic surgery result. Dr. Dalagiannis will emphatically tell you how fortunate he is to have her leading his team.

Stephanie Koback

Dr. Dalagiannis Scheduler

A valued employee of Arrowhead Plastic Surgeons, Stephanie, Surgical Coordinator, is known for putting patients first. She shines in customer service etiquette and pays close attention to detail. Working closely with Dr. Dalagiannis, Stephanie’s success is reflected in her heart felt desire to go beyond what is expected in everything she does.

Dawn Burge

Dr. Kesler’s Scheduler

Taking great pride in offering attentive service, Dawn is the surgical coordinator for Dr. Jeff Kesler. Solution oriented, Dawn is an open and direct communicator. Patients esteem her as the “Go-to” girl. Accommodating, sympathetic and kind, she listens with her heart, offering patients information and advice in all aspects of their care.

Pat Cochrane

Patient Escort

Our office is proud to have our congenial patient escort, Pat. Before your Doctor visit begins, Pat will escort you to an examination room, enter your information into the computer, provide you with coffee or water and have you ready for your visit with your favorite Doctor. Thank you, Pat!

Vicki Scanlon

Medical Records

Invaluable Vicki is truly “Our Gal Friday.” She helps anywhere she can on a moment’s notice. She is one of our shining stars, always there when we need her! How fortunate we are to have her supporting all of us in AVANTI, the front office or behind the scenes!

Anna Koepfer

Certified Medical Assistant

Anna, our beloved CMA, specializes in offering skilled and reassuring care to our patients.  Whether the task includes vitals, stitches, bandages or countless other assignments, she does it with a kind demeanor and engaging smile.. It is with confidence that the Arrowhead Surgery Team and all of our surgical patients place their trust in her.

Melanie Hockin

Physician Assistant

Arrowhead Plastic Surgeons welcomed Melanie, our Physician Assistant, in August of 2018.  Melanie is a graduate of Bowling Green State University with a bachelor’s degree in Dietetics, completing her advanced professional training through Western Michigan University.  She worked at Flower Hospital as a Nutrition Support Dietician for 9 years before earning her Bachelor of Science Degree in Physician Assistant Studies.  Toledo Hospital was her work home for the next 14 years where she specialized in Pediatric Trauma and assisted in Pediatric Surgery. 

Melanie is certified by the National Credentialing Committee of Physician Assistants and is an active member of the American Academy of Physician Assistants.