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Fraxel Laser Treatment

Fraxel® laser technology is ideal for adults with mild to moderate wrinkles around the eyes, age spots, and melasma, as well as acne scars. Our med spa offers treatments to patients in Toledo, Maumee, Perrysburg, Bowling Green, Findlay, Sylvania, and the surrounding areas.

What is Fraxel® Laser Treatment?

This unique approach allows for dramatic cosmetic improvement without the prolonged downtime and discomfort of traditional techniques. It is so gentle that it can be used on the neck, chest, and hands. After treatment, your skin will look rejuvenated, healthy, younger, and more vibrant.

Benefits of Fraxel® Laser Treatment

  • 1Smoothing acne scars
  • 2Reducing age spots and wrinkles
  • 3Helping sun-damaged skin areas

How is Fraxel® Laser Treatment Performed?

All Fraxel® treatments are performed right here in our Maumee office. The treatment area will be thoroughly cleansed, and a topical anesthetic will be applied. Once this ointment has taken effect – within about 60 to 90 minutes – a trained Fraxel® technician will administer the laser treatment to help rejuvenate the skin.

The procedure shouldn’t take more than 20 to 25 minutes, and once complete, the topical anesthetic will be removed.

Preparing for Your Fraxel® Laser Treatment Procedure

For proper preparation, you will be given a thorough overview from the physician on what you should be doing to ensure the best results. If you smoke, you should stop for two weeks prior to the procedure so you can heal better, and you can avoid post-surgical complication risks.

Fraxel® Laser Treatment Recovery

The Fraxel® treatment targets the deeper layer of the skin – the dermis – so your outer, epidermis layer will remain undamaged. You may experience some redness, reminiscent of a sunburn. You should treat it as such, keeping skin moisturized and out of the sun. Your old skin cells will soon slough off, making way for new skin and collagen to develop.

You’ll be able to return to daily activities immediately, and makeup may be worn to cover up any redness. Keep in mind that every patient’s skin is different, so if you notice any unusual or painful side effects, contact your doctor immediately.

How Much Does a Fraxel® Laser Treatment Procedure Cost?

Fraxel® costs vary from patient to patient as there are different degrees of the treatment depending on your goals. We recommend scheduling a one-on-one consultation with one of our highly trained surgeons to discuss financing, as well as learn more about which treatment is right for you.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is on hand to set up your appointment and answer any additional questions you may have. Call us today for more information.

Is a Fraxel® Laser Treatment Right for Me?

You may be a good candidate for Fraxel® if you want to treat or prevent any of the following:

  • 1Age and sunspots, as well as sun-induced redness
  • 2Acne and surgical scars
  • 3Actinic keratosis
  • 4Fine lines, wrinkles, and furrows
  • 5Melasma
  • 6Skin discoloration and uneven pigmentation
  • 7Skin texture

There are three different types of Fraxel®, including Fraxel® refine, Fraxel® restore, and Fraxel® repair. Each has a different level of strength to treat different conditions, which your doctor will discuss with you during your initial consultation.

What to Expect During Your Consultation?

During the consultation, we will go over your goals for after the procedure, your medical history, and any questions you may have, as well as pricing and financing options. Once the consultation is over, you should not have concerns about the procedure and will be able to make a decision if it is right for you.

A number of people are discovering the benefits of a Fraxel® laser treatment to boost their confidence and self-esteem. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!